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Rastamerica demonstrates what happens when genres of music
are thoughtfully and meticulously melded together.  This
beautifully crafted fusion of hip-hop, reggae, world and soul, is a
clear indication that we still have many new places to explore
musically. Rastamerica’s blend of electronically produced rhythms
and live instrumentation offers restoration in the belief that we
have only begun to touch the surface of an ever-evolving world
of music. 

Throughout the musical journey of Rastamerica we're taken on a
ride full of colorful, melodic engaging songs, which at times draw
inspiration from classic tunes, as heard in Mr. Blue containing
notes of praise to Robert Nesta Marley's, I Shot The Sheriff. The
presence of the horns sprinkled throughout are reflection of the
artist himself: smooth and naturally flowing, with lines that often
grab you and bring you back from the dreamlike state you find
yourself in.  

Having an almost therapeutic effect, Rastamerica appeals to more
than just the ears, it appeals to the soul and reminds us why music
is something we all must have in our lives.


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Madgesdiq-War (Official Video) Directed by RAZ for 323 Studios.

Madgesdiq "Do You" Live at the Refuge in PDX
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